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In some of the modules you may hear us refer to a workbook. The workbook is not included in your membership and is not needed to take advantage of the information presented. However, if you would like to purchase a workbook for your reference or for supplemental information, we are happy to give you a discount as a member.

The workbook is not just a re-print of the audio script, it is an expansion of the concepts covered in the e-learning module and provides additional useful information that can not be found anywhere else. Where appropriate, sample templates are also provided so that you get a head start on Starting Your Company properly.

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Start Your Company Paperwork

You have a piece of paper that says your Corporation or LLC is filed with the state. Congratulations! Now what? Has anyone explained what you need to do next to complete your initial paperwork?

If you are involved in a lawsuit, that single piece of paper is not enough to show that you are running a professional organization separate and distinct from you, the owner. Without this proof, you could lose everything if your business is sued.

Let Start Your Company Paperwork walk you through the first steps in building a firm foundation to preserve your corporate veil.  We will discuss how to set up a minute book, what IRS forms you need to file, what state filings you will need to complete initially, when you need a fictitious business name or foreign registration and much more.
Workbook: $19.00


Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes

One of the most powerful tools you have is an up-to-date minute book containing all your important decisions documented in the form of meeting minutes and written consents. Does this sound like a foreign language to you? It won’t be with this module. Includes templates to document your resolutions and meetings.
Workbook and Templates: $67.00


Start Your Company Compliance

The on-going paperwork you need to complete and file to keep your entity in compliance with the state and the IRS. We include annual, quarterly and monthly filings, a discussion on remitting state taxes, how to add and remove members or shareholders, how to expand or move your business into another state, and how to wind up your entity if you need to.
Workbook and State Information: $29.00


Start Your Company Office & Assets

As a new entrepreneur, one of the first expenses you want to write off is your company office. But do you know what the IRS considers to be an office? Do you know the rules for claiming an office expense?

In Start Your Company Office and Assets, we discuss how to arrange your affairs so you can write off a home office and an outside office, if this fits your work style; and how to write off storage space. We also discuss how the rules change when the tax election for your business entity changes.

When setting up your business you may also want to move personal assets into the company. However, just because you can move your car into your company doesn’t mean you should. And just because your company can’t afford to purchase assets from you, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. In Start Your Company Office and Assets we review the various ways you can give your company control over your assets, if it makes sense.
Workbook: $29.00


Start Your Company Banking

You are starting a new business. Congratulations. Do you know that one of the ways you show the Internal Revenue Service that you are open for business is by having a bank account in the name of your company? Opening a business bank account may seem like an easy step to take; but there are many things to consider before you hand over your minute book to your banking officer. Things like what type of transactions you will be processing, who will have access to your accounts, and what type of services you will need.
Workbook: $9.95


Start Your Company Bookkeeping

Too many entrepreneurs waste time, money and sleep doing their own bookkeeping. Most people are not trained in this field. Why would anyone hire a bookkeeper? Find out how this essential step saves you time and money and allows you to get on with making money in your business.
Workbook: $19.00


Start Your Company Expense Tracking

One of the benefits of owning a business is the ability to write off expenses. But what expenses can you claim? How much can you write off? When can you deduct these expenses? And what must you document?

Confused by everything you need to know? Let Start Your Expense Tracking simplify the rules and show you what you need to do to claim thousands of dollars in write offs – legally. In this program, we discuss what a business expense is and who can claim it, how to track and claim expenses, the different type of expenses you can claim and more.

Start Your Expense Tracking helps ensure you capture every legitimate business expense. Don’t miss out because you did not know you how you could claim an expense.
Workbook: $29.00


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