Start Your Bookkeeping

Start Your Company Bookkeeping

Too many entrepreneurs waste time, money and sleep doing their own bookkeeping. Most people are not trained in this field. Why would anyone hire a bookkeeper? Find out how this essential step saves you time and money and allows you to get on with making money in your business

Debits – credits – cash flow – profit – balance sheet. As an entrepreneur you need to know all of these. This is one job you shouldn’t cling to.

While we know you have to pay for a bookkeeper or accountant, we’re going to show you how DIY (Do It Yourself) is costing you more than HIO (Hire it Out). We’re going to lay out a plan you can follow to hire the right person for you, understand what you can and should expect, and get the benefit of not just the science of entering the data but also the art of interpreting what the financial information is telling you.

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4 thoughts on “Start Your Bookkeeping”

  1. I can not get the training module on bookkeeping to load up. I have listened to the audio and followed along with the training material. How do I now take the quiz?


  2. We are having problems with our video service – the technical people are working to fix it.


  3. I don’t believe I received my minutes book. Was it included with my membership?


    Kevin Eiss

  4. Hi Warren! I went to and I don’t see where the Quick Books templates examples are for Chart of Accounts? Where do I go on this website to find template examples of what to keep track of? Thanks!

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