Caribbean Banking

Do you live in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands? Establishing a company bank account for a “mainland” business has been a challenge. We have been working with First Bank to make it easier. After your Florida LLC is established, contact Hernando Novoa | 305-479-7468 |

Hernando should arrange to open the account in Florida but have the papers signed at your local branch.

Harris Bank

Please contact Bob TURMELL via email: or telephone: 800-939-7298 x4658. Bob says that he may be able to open an account even if your LLC is not in your home state. There may be a monthly account fee of $8.00 or a minimum daily balance is $1,500.00.

Once you have your physical bank account established, you can start collecting revenue from your web site with
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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