The Money Keys with Rev. Karen Russo

What a wonderful webinar. Karen Russo is a tremendous speaker and her presentation about the hidden money traps and how to avoid them couldn’t be more timely. Whether you are just starting a business or are an “old hand”, you know that “the times they are a’changing” as Bob Dylan might say. This presentation was recorded and is being made available to you. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

If you do contact Karen, please let her know that you listened to the webinar with Wendy and Karen.

6 thoughts on “The Money Keys with Rev. Karen Russo”

  1. 1/28/10 Thank you for the opportunity to veiw this vidio. I am very interested in the information. Unfortunitly my computer said the file was emty or incoded incorrectly. If you have infomation or suggestions please let me know. Thank you, Mike.

  2. Is there another Way to view my computer is temparily down. I am currently using public Library

  3. Hi,

    I would very much like to listen to this video. But I’m on dail-up and it is a very long process. I was wondering if it would be available to purchase a CD or something so I can listen to it.


  4. Hi Sharon,

    We’ll burn it to a DVD along with Jessica’s seminar and mail it to you.

    Take Care,


  5. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the feedback. I trust that you have been able to see the other initial training modules as well.

    Best Regards,


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