Start Your Expense Tracking

Start Your Company Expense Tracking

One of the benefits of owning a business is the ability to write off expenses. But what expenses can you claim? How much can you write off? When can you deduct these expenses? And what must you document?

Confused by everything you need to know? Let Start Your Expense Tracking simplify the rules and show you what you need to do to claim thousands of dollars in write offs – legally. In this program, we discuss what a business expense is and who can claim it, how to track and claim expenses, the different type of expenses you can claim and more.

2 thoughts on “Start Your Expense Tracking”

  1. Very very informative! I know having a book keeper is important, but do you need one first starting out in your business or can you wait till you start making around 3000.00 a month?

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Is it necessary to create a marketing plan?
    Would the intention of the company be the operating agreement?

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