Start Your Company Paperwork

Start Your Company Paperwork
Start Your Company Paperwork

You have a piece of paper that says your Corporation or LLC is filed with the state. Congratulations! Now what? Has anyone explained what you need to do next to complete your initial paperwork?

If you are involved in a lawsuit, that single piece of paper is not enough to show that you are running a professional organization separate and distinct from you, the owner. Without this proof, you could lose everything if your business is sued.

Let Start Your Company Paperwork walk you through the first steps in building a firm foundation to preserve your corporate veil. We will discuss how to set up a minute book, what IRS forms you need to file, what state filings you will need to complete initially, when you need a DBA or fictitious business name or foreign registration and much more.

This training module also has a down-loadable attachment which provides a slide summary with space to write your notes.  Refer to the Attachments on this page.

Start Your Company Paperwork

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52 thoughts on “Start Your Company Paperwork”

  1. Training on Company Paperwork was very detailed and at times overwelming. I will have to wait until I receive the Minute Book before some of the information will be better to understand.

  2. Wendy & Gary,
    Completed 1st training on Forms, but no test at the end..Was this a freebie??

    I’ve faxed back so many forms, I’m wondering if I in fact have accomplished
    all the forms that pertain to me…

    How long does it take to receive my Minute Book

    Also, it’s nice to put a face to the

    Thank you for your support, as this is all
    still very overwhelming, and I can tell that everyone
    is here to get me through all the confusion!!!

    Thanks again,
    Andy hodovan

  3. is this the original certificate of organization, that came with my minute book or will the state send it to me possibly with other forms to fill out

  4. Hello Raymond,

    The certificate of organization in your minute book is “original”. The state may send you other forms, however they won’t be sending you another certificate of organization. Most states have switched to electronic filing and as a result don’t send hard copies of the documents any more.


  5. I am having trouble getting the video to play on windows. Could you help me? I may have hit the wrong button on the top of the page to play this video. If I did could you reset it for me? Thanks for your help. Helen Verbick

  6. Hello Helen,

    You may need to close the window and start the link from the eBiz-LearningMembers page again.


  7. Hello Dianne,

    Follow the video training shown under the drop down menu “My Modules”. Select “Completing Your LLC Minute Book” and then select the Series LLC link.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  8. Hello Dianne,

    Work books are not included in your package. Most of our clients find the video training and the printable documents found in the Attachments section to be sufficient. If you wish to purchase workbooks, you will find a 50% discount code in the section “Workbook Discounts” on your home page.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  9. Hello Dianne,

    Work books are not included in your package. Most of our clients find the video training and the printable documents found in the Attachments section to be sufficient. If you wish to purchase workbooks, you will find a 50% discount code in the section “Workbook Discounts” on your home page.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  10. That was a lot of good information about what I need to do. I am waiting for my minute book. I have received notice that it has been shipped. Thank you.

  11. As Entity Solution is setting up my entity will they be helping me get through this process of getting all paperwork completed and filed ?

  12. Hello Linda,

    Your operating agreement, certificates, etc. are being shipped via FedEx later this week.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  13. Ive just completed reviewing the “start your company paperwork” video. I am the sole owner of an LLC. so alot of what was presented doesnt seem to apply to me, but I’m not really sure? Can you direct me to where I might be able to find information that focuses just on what a sole owner is required to do?


  14. I don’t have any partners so why do I need an operating agreement? Where is the quiz at the end of the lession?

  15. Not all lessons have quizzes – sorry.

    The reason to follow the formalities of a larger company is to obtain the benefits of liability protection and expense write-offs of a larger company. Part of the formalities include the operating agreement, minute book and certificates.

  16. Hi Wendy & Gary,
    My question is regarding the workbook “Starting your Company Paperwork,” listed under structuring your book, item #5 Membership Roll (LLC), there is a statement that says; “While certificate’s for LLC’s …. are optional, they are a good idea to include as they include proof of ownership.” What do you mean here? Are you saying that as the Owner/Manager of the LLC that I should complete the first line with my information? If yes, when should this be done? Should I wait until the business is completely up and going so I know the total start up costs? And I know this is a stupid question, but is this a meeting minute opportunity? Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Lucille Adams
    Sierra Distributing, LLC

  17. Question about the “addition” of paperwork to my minute book. Should this include information such as,obtaining a virtual office,date bank account started,date insurance(liability) was obtained etc.? Or should this all be in my accounting for tax purposes?
    Forgive me but this is all foreign territory to me.

  18. After listening to this module, I have a much better interpretation of an LLC. I would like to ask Wendy if she can tell me what Tax Selection that I should choose for mine that was just set up be her office. Also, am I receiving a Minute Book with my membership?

  19. I printed out your training note. Very useful. I learned a great deal from this and I’m glad I got it before my Minute Book. Thanks!

  20. Your module was very informative and full of details. So…at this point we need to check with the state of WI and see if we need any license/fees to pay them and fill out the minute book with our titles, etc. correct? This can all be handled through our CPA or attorney then correct? Wow, all this information sure does make one wonder if all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed for sure.
    Please let us know.
    thank you,
    Linda & Sue

  21. While using a CPA and / or attorney can be helpful, you need to ensure that they are accomplishing tasks that result in what you want. By calling the local revenue / tax authorities you can understand the various types of activities that are likely to be taxed and at what rates. By learning how to complete some resolutions yourself, you can determine if someone else’s work is adequate.

    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  22. Hi,
    I now have the minute book, EIN number and the business certificate from the DEM MARKETING,INC in Delaware, US. So, would the next step be setting up a bank account to link to the business and ebay? I did go through the minute book and will do so again. Not sure about that as I thought you would be filing some of this for me

    I checked out some banks available here but they don’t do cross border unless you link a lot of assets to them. I will try calling the Harris Bank listed in your education module.

    I upgraded my ebay account to business and the items are going through as DEM MARKETING,INC. Is this ok?
    Dorothy Margeson

  23. Our role is to set up the company and provide education regarding the “corporate formalities”. You should set up a company bank account to be able to receive money from the sale of products / services.

    You should speak to an accountant concerning the ‘best’ way to pull money across the border and what kind of tax license / number you need for the online sales.

    Using your company name for your eBay account is the way to link the two together.

    Best Regards,

  24. I just have a question, since I am the only person dealing with the company. Im in the military and due to deploy next year. If I decide to close my website for the time frame I’m deployed is that ok without having to shut the company down and long as I record it in my minutes book? I know I’m still liable for taxes and whatever documents or payments required by the state but I just wanted to know if this was ok.

  25. How can I get the training module downloads if I have a mac? I am using firefox and do not see any attachments.

  26. Hello again,
    I need to know what to do, When I hit the Training Notes on the attachment page of any lesson it brings me to the attachment page to receive the Training Notes, all I get is a grey page stating that Adobe Reader can not read PDF in this browser and locks up my computer. How do I fix this ? or is this something that I can’t fix. I would like to be able to download my training notes before I get into the lessons.
    Thank You for your help
    Peggy Parron

  27. Your training notes attachment link is no longer valid. Where can I get a copy of these notes?

  28. We appear to have had some serious technical problems >grimace< You will be able to access this module now (I hope). Repairs are on-going. Sorry, Gary

  29. To Wendy or Gary,

    I am not for sure what I am to do about all these papers that suppose to be filed and sent in to the state or to the IRS. . Also who to contact for other licenses..

  30. No. Place an identification in the footer of the web site. Something similar to (c) 2012 Cybersale, LLC or Owned and Operated by Cybersale, LLC


  31. Hi I have a question as far as the business insurance. In California is this something mandatory? We started our entity in June and have not taken out any insurance, is this a problem?

  32. Hi, the training refers to a Workbork several times. I don’t think I have a workbork. Was that part of my purchase? I am trying to figure out how to fill out the Schedules (A,B, C) correctly for the LLC that I purchased. A single member LLC. Any words of advise you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  33. I am the only participant in my LLC. Am I all of the officers, i.e. operating manager and secretary? On the operating agreement, what do I list as my Title? Member? Operating Manager?
    Thank you.

  34. If I am the only member of my LLC, is there a “customary” amount of Capital Contribution I need to provide?

  35. Well….I have been sick and also have a sick mother I have been nursing. So I am just getting started with my minute book and education with your company. It is a bit overwhelming. I have a few questions. May I call you to get the answers and clarification? I will have Tuesday 4/5/16 available. Thank you,

  36. Hi Wendy,
    This is Roula Baba from E&R real Estate Solutions, I watched your video about completing our minutes book. I’m very overwhelmed, however I want to start with the first section. Is it my husband and I who are the operating managers or just my husband? I’m just not clear about whose name goes in the Secretary and Treasurer. Also, on the top of the first page, with the part with “as at”…….. our scenario is different from the video that I watched. It’s only my husband and I who represent the business. What is the easiest way to fill up all sections without making any mistakes? Is there a way we can set up for a phone appointment with you so you can clarify things for us to fill out the minutes book correctly? please let me know , thank you!

    Roula Baba

  37. Is that it? I want to know if I need to actually have a meeting with myself and fill out the form?

  38. What is the time line for completing all the paperwork?
    Has enough time lapsed to contact the appropriate agency concerning the EIN
    Also, there were no Organizer sheets or Organizer Resignation sheets included in the paper work I received. Is there something I am not understanding. Thank you, Ruth

  39. Hello Ruth,

    You should have received an email with the IRS number. The IRS will also be mailing a letter to confirm the EIN and to provide tax filing instructions.

    Some states do not require a separate organizer function – that is the case in Maryland, so no additional documents are needed.

    Regards, Gary

  40. Hi there. I have just watched the video on what we need to do with our Record Book.
    I just wanted to clarify who needs to sign what forms and who our members are. This is all new for us and I do not want to get it wrong.
    Also, do I make copies before signing or do I sign the sheets in the record book and then make copies?
    Sorry for being a novice, I just want to ensure I am doing it all correctly.
    Please feel free to cal me on 720 354 2464.
    Thank you so much.
    Tracey Pitter

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