Start Your Company Meetings & Minutes

Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes

Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes


meetingsDon’t you find the company paperwork more than a little intimidating? I know that I do, and it’s my business! This webinar provides detailed information on what, where, when, how and why to document your business decisions.

One of the most powerful tools you have is an up-to-date minute book containing all your important decisions documented in the form of meeting minutes and written consents. Does this sound like a foreign language to you? It won’t be with this module.

Meeting Checklist

Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes training now.


Here are the copies of the slides –  Start Your Meetings

11 thoughts on “Start Your Company Meetings & Minutes”

  1. I am very intimidated by creating resolutions and minutes. Do you have a sample company showing the minutes and resolutions so I could refer to? Or any other additional info would be useful. Thanks.

    Sherrie Lunt

  2. The training module referenced a “Minutes Checklist” that was purportedly in the attachment’s section as well as the presentation slides; however, the checklist was not in the attachments. Is there a way to get a copy of that?


  3. I just finished watching the Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes Module and was wondering if I could get a template for annual and monthly meeting minutes.

  4. I recently downloaded Google Chrome so that i would be able to watch the videos on this website. Unfortunately the videos have no sound which makes it very difficult to follow along. I am wondering if there is something that might be done on your end to fix this problem?? thank you very much in advance.

  5. Hello Nicholas,

    We try to keep the video playback updated to current standards – I played the video in Chrome / FireFox / Explorer and Edge without audio problems so it may have been that the delivery web provider was having difficulties. Try it again and let me know.

    Thanks, Gary

  6. Where is the checklist that is referenced for resolutions in this module located? I don’t have a workbook and it is not in the attachment. Thanks.

  7. In one of the FAQ modules a caller mentioned printing out forms in the Minutes Book. Can we do that? Is there a forms site?

  8. In the video, it mentions being able to print the slides of the video, but I cannot identify how to do that. It would be most helpful if I could print these as a reference. Thanks!

  9. Hello Jennifer, Thanks for spotting that. When our web site went down, we lost a lot of links – please let me know if (when?) you find others.

    Regards, Gary

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