Start Your Company Banking

Start Your Company Banking

You are starting a new business. Congratulations. Do you know that one of the ways you show the Internal Revenue Service that you are open for business is by having a bank account in the name of your company? Opening a business bank account may seem like an easy step to take; but there are many things to consider before you hand over your minute book to your banking officer. Things like what type of transactions you will be processing, who will have access to your accounts, and what type of services you will need.

Here is your Banking module – don’t forget to download Notes attachment.

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10 thoughts on “Start Your Company Banking”

  1. Hello Rita,

    The attachments are also provided on the Start Your Company Banking web page. This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and it is rather large, so it may take some time to download and open up.

    Gary Bauer

  2. in the banking module, under business cards and credit, when it gets to line of credit, the speaker states that Line of Credit will be discussed under another module. However, I’m unable to find this module. Can you provide where it is located?

  3. I’m sorry to say that we had not completed that module yet. Because of various changes to the banking environment, it is unlikely that we will be able to.

    Gary Bauer

  4. I was unable to open the Training Notes for Start Your Company Banking, it showed an error message “Error 404 – Not Found”. Can you send me these training notes to my email at

    Patrice Cook
    Cybersale, LLC

  5. Hello Patrice,

    Sorry for the problems. We have been going through some file naming issues. Here is the link to the notes.


  6. I paid for seven workbooks and only have four. I’m missing Co. Compliance workbook, Co. Banking workbook and Co. Expenses workbook. My order number is 246641917

  7. Hello Mr Bauer
    You may remember I am a new client of yours and opening a trading and investment business, dealing only with my own funds but embarking on options trading in particular. I have an existing personal account with Fidelity and my money to start the business is vested there. My plan is to continue using the Fidelity cash management and investment services but to change the name of the account to my new business LLC.
    The question I have is how best to account for the money that is sitting there and needed for the startup of the business capital? Do I make it out as a loan from my personal account to the business so that I can later claim it back, in which case I would like to know how that can be done, or, being a single owner of the LLC, does it make any difference to just leave it all as is and simply change the entity doing business? (I do have another personal banking account too that is not enabled for trading or any business with a credit union.)
    Many thanks for any advice
    Laurance Price
    Alanella Capital
    206 3308479

  8. I set up an internet business banking account. This allows no fees and the on-line flexibility and abilities are good. Is this type of account NOT recommended?

  9. Hi Michael,

    Any type of bank that works for your business is the right bank. Which service did you use?

    Regards, Gary

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