Understanding your Financial Statements

Many business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t sure what to do when it comes to finances. Sure more is better, and did you know that your bank balance is not the only (or even the best) indicator of your company’s health.

Learn how to understand what those categories and numbers REALLY mean for your business and how to use the knowledge to keep track of your business and how to make it better.We have 3 separate sections to this module – pick the one that most closely represents your business model and learn more about understanding your finances.

Network Marketing / Direct Sales

Real Estate

Cash Machine / Small Business / Services

8 thoughts on “Understanding your Financial Statements”

  1. I downloaded Real Estate in Understanding your Financial Statements and played. The sound kept going, but slide stopped. Is there any way that I can see the slides?

  2. Hello Meg,

    I’ve re-published the videos and they seem to work correctly. Let me know how you find the playback.


  3. The audio is not working in Understanding your Financial Statements. But works ok in other video of yours

  4. Hi Gene and Jennifer,

    It appears as though the video hosting company (Vimeo) was having a problem. Try again and let me know.

    Thanks, Gary

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    We had a web site “melt-down” and I’m still re-building the links. Thank you for helping me find them. They should work now.

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