Nevada sales tax

Nevada requires a sales tax permit only if you have a physical presence (sales rep, store, warehouse, etc.) in Nevada. If you do not live in Nevada and are operating an online business, you do not need a tax permit.

If your drop ship suppliers insist upon a permit number anyway, then click on this button and select “Are you registering for a Certificate of Authority?” This certificate is free. Not other choice is needed. After completing the multi-page procedure, you will have a Nevada taxpayer ID. This should be sufficient for suppliers.

This certificate is only available to non-Nevada residents without Nevada employees or without a Nevada physical store front or warehouse. If you have any questions, contact your accountant or speak to a Nevada Tax examiner at 866 962 3707 opt 1. Please note that this Nevada web site only supports the Internet Explorer browser, FireFox or Chrome do not work. People have told us that there is a time-out on this site, so the page will kick you off if you leave it alone too long. You can search for the NAICS code for your business type here. We have found that the code 454111 is appropriate for some types of internet sales, so please verify your particular business activity. You should use your company EIN instead of your Social Security Number since you are applying as an LLC. The Nevada Business License is the number shown on your NOTICE OF EXEMPTION NEVADA STATE BUSINESS LICENSE that is included in your LLC Minute Book. It usually begins with NV2011… (if your LLC was started in 2011). The NAICS code should reflect your business activity. The code 454111 applies to internet sales. If you are not sure what the code for your business should be, contact your internet business coach. The date of incorporation and the date the business started in Nevada is the same and is found on your Articles of Organization from the Secretary of State of Nevada found in your minute book. You will need you company’s bank account number to complete the application. Your internet sales coaching program will be able to provide more accurate information.

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