The 10 Mistakes

We recorded these clips with our CPA – Warren Taryle and his wife Diana – on a business trip to the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii in order to highlight 10 of the most common mistakes that business owners make, many times without even realizing them.  As a result the “corporate veil” becomes weaker and more easily pierced in the event of financial audits or legal actions against the company.

15 thoughts on “The 10 Mistakes”

  1. Good Morning,
    You set up my LLC and after listening to the 10 mistakes people make, I have a question? I set my business up as sole proprietor, and have also bought from you the LLC. It sounded to me like I could not set up as sole proprietor and also have a LLC, that I should file my business under another entity? Please clairify if this allright.

  2. You can be a sole proprietor AND also use an LLC for businesses. They are 2 separate things. If you choose to move your sole proprietor activity inside of the LLC, then you can add that business activity to the business that the LLC was established for. The only time that you should not mix business activities is if one of them is rental real estate because of tenant liability issues.

  3. I’ve tried opening the above video clips with Media Player, but the sound is so garbled it is unintelligible and there are no images. What am I doing wrong? I use a Mac OSX 10.5.8 operating system.

  4. Please try them again – I’ve moved them over to YouTube to avoid a bandwidth issue with my host. Let me know how it works out.


  5. Thanks for making this message I was having a hard time getting started and this really helps with what i am feeling getting started and i hope to be good at this and getting the help with my business. Thanks Lori

  6. I have not been able to get to the learning modules today. I downloaded FireFox, but it still is not displaying the modules. Help!!!!!!!

  7. We appear to have had some serious technical problems >grimace< You will be able to access this module now (I hope). Repairs are on-going. Sorry, Gary

  8. Can we use our own money to pay off credit cards that were used to start the business since we have not made any money yet. Is that considered as comingling?

  9. How much time goes by before all the modules are available? I became a member at the beginning of the year, however, I’ve had two major surgeries and other health problems that necessitated me putting our new business on hold until now. So, I am concerned that my 12 month membership will expire before I have access to all the modules. Thanks for clarifying.

  10. Hello Stacy,

    Your membership will continue until the seminar company asks us to withdraw access. FYI they haven’t done that for any clients over the past 3 years.

    Regards, Gary

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