Meetings and resolutions

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The workbook provides useful discussion and details about the process of maintaining proper documentation of meetings and resolutions.

The sample templates provide you with re-usable examples of the paperwork that you will be preparing.

9 thoughts on “Meetings and resolutions”

  1. Hello Phyllis,

    Meetings don’t NEED to be held every month if there is nothing to record. And, yes, the paperwork is similar to the annual meeting. There are templates on the “Completing your LLC Minute Book” page for waiver of notice and written consents.


  2. I was going online to order some of the workbooks and hit the continue shopping and received the Thank you for your oder. I had not completed my order or put in the PM2009 code for the 50% off. Please cancel this order and let me know that this was done.

  3. The large Icon for Completing your LLC Minute Book is found about half-way down the page.

    Regards, Gary

  4. The workbook downloaded fine. However, the sample templates did not. I only get blank pages. Please fix this problem. I appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

    Barb Kilgore

  5. Will I be receiving an actual workbook or am I supposed to print this our myself?
    Thank you

  6. I did NOT want to conclude my purchase. Your site will NOT let me go back to the original page in order to add another item.

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