List of Current Training Modules

This content will be placed in your drop down menu “My Modules” above as your membership progresses. You will also receive e-mail that illustrates the topics with examples and additional information. The e-mail is scheduled around the content as it is planned to appear in your drop down menu.

Occasionally additional content is made available when special topics become available. These modules are removed when they have expired or the author requests their removal. Examples are our annual “Year End Checklist” or “The Money Keys” by Karen Russo.

The list is not cast in stone as we continue to develop training modules based upon the questions you ask on the Monday night calls.

Start Your Company Paperwork
Completing Your Corporation Minute Book
Completing Your LLC Minute Book
Start Your Company Banking
Start Your Company Office + Assets
Focus Your Millionaire Mind
Start Your Bookkeeping
Start Your Merchant Services Account
Start Your Expense Tracking
Start Your Company Meetings and Minutes
Start Your Company Compliance
Taxes for the New Entrepreneur
Reading Your QB Reports
Running a Home Business
LLCs for Real Estate Investors
Insurance for the Entrepreneur (not available at this time)
So what is marketing anyway?
Start Your Professional Team (not available at this time)
Start Your Company Hiring
Growing Your Business Part 1
Growing Your Business Part 2

48 thoughts on “List of Current Training Modules”

  1. Hello gang. I’ve just sat through the contents of our LLC book. We are pretty clear on these instructions. I went on line and registered our business with the state of N.J.. I don’t really understand this 47 page guide that is highlighted for us. I realize this may be a real dumb question, but where is this 47 page guide? I’m tryin’ gang. This stuff is all very new to us, and sometimes we may ask REAL stupid questions. Thank’s, Vin & Deb Sisser

  2. Hello again. Another little dilemma is that I work every Monday night. Is there an alternate evening, or afternoon that we can discuss concerns? Or can we just call if questions arise? Thank’s again, Vinnie & Deb Sisser

  3. Can I get all of the modules loaded if I promise to take them in order? I need the bookkeeping, expense tracking and meetings and minutes modules because I am at the point where I’m filing notes on everything I am doing. I need to get it all organized efficiently before it becomes too challenging. Thanks, Keene

  4. I received an email today saying the Start Your Company Banking module had been made available, however it is not available in the links to the different modules. Can you please make it available as this module is one we would like to view at this time.


    Linda Z. Taylor

  5. Hi Linda – Should be there now – sometimes the email and the module get out of step.

    Thanks, Gary

  6. Hi, Any chance I can get the session #19 Paperwork for the Real Estate Investor put in my list?
    Have a great 4th

  7. We have a question we can not figuer out. We were assigned to Strategic Tax Services, to Martin Pettit but on one of the questions is asking for the business address. On the e-mail he sent it says If you are forming your LLC or corporation in Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming, your business address for tax purposes is in the address of your registered agent in that other satate. We registered in Nevada which you helped us. So, which address should we put. Thank you, Nadav and Yeny

  8. I didn’t see any modules to attend. How will I get notified of modules and what day/time do they take place. Sam

  9. Karen Post’s email said that I would be asked to confirm my acceptance of the terms and conditions for use of the training material being provided. I wasn’t asked to do that. Is that an issue? Sam

  10. After watching the tape, I really think this is way over my head. Am I going to be able to do all of the above?

  11. Hi`this is Anthony Brown President of The Quinn Group inc. This an S Corpovration set up for me by Karin of Your Entity Solutions .com /through Armando I want to thank for all your continuing imformation

  12. Hi`this is Anthony Brown President of The Quinn Group inc. This an S Corpovration set up for me by Karin of Your Entity Solutions .com /through Armando I want to thank for all your continuing imformation

  13. Hello,

    You should have 3 or 4 modules available now, additional modules are delivered monthly, or along with the emails announcing specific topics. The Monday night call is also a good place to ask questions and hear how other people address their issues.

    Best Regards,


  14. I have no idea what to do with my C-Corp. I do not know when our how to file my taxes and when to transfer an investment property into the corp. I know absolutely nothing this has been a waiste of time and money.

  15. Wendy + Gary

    Apprecited the answers ffrom yesterday’s O&A.
    Received the email “Fastest way to kill your liability protection” this morning.. Would very much like to see/hear:Start your expense tracking. How soon will it be available?. This is very timely for us..

    Excited Entrepeneurs,
    Frederick & Anita Garnes
    Horizon Unlimited LLC

  16. I read in the info provided here that charges will be made to my credit card. What is this all about? I have not been told there were further charges to the $17,500 (Laural’s stuff) I paid + $2400 (LLC). Seems $20,000 should be enough to include me in trainings. Not sure what I have gotten into here. Please advise. I can’t afford anymore hits on my credit card. Who are you guys?

  17. Hi.
    I sent an email earlier about our Minute Book. I am expecting YES to provide a starter kit. Is that wrong?


  18. Hello Harrie,

    The list is for your reference if you want to be aware of the complete set of training modules we will be putting on out web page. If you look at the right side of your page, you will see several topics listed in a section entitled “YOUR MODULES”. Those links take you to the training page for that topic. As you review the videos / audios, you will receive weekly emails that provide additional information and also tell you when we have added a new topic to your list.

    Some modules have a link in the upper right hand corner in the section called “Attachments” that you can retrieve and print out for your review as well.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  19. With this last e-mail, I did watch the training modual speaking on paperwork, filing, it’s importants, LLC, proprietorship, law suites, ect… I did not find the questions to answer afterwards. Maybe those are to let you know that I watched the moduals. So then I will watch my e-mail. Thank YOu Karl Hawkins

  20. I have changed my IP and need you to change to my current email address. New email is;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Please send all mail to this email only.

    Marie Parks

  21. Hello Debra,

    As you will see in your minute book, we have FAXed your SS4 to the IRS and have not received your EIN yet. Please call the IRS at 800 829 4933 selection 1 and selection 1 again to receive your EIN. If the IRS says they have not received the SS4, then just ask them to provide one and read the information to them.

    Best Regards,

  22. I received an email yesterday informing me of a training module regarding “Choosing a Bank”. I haven’t been able to find this module. Is there a way to gain access ?

  23. Hi Mark,

    Actually that module is titled 03 Start Your Company Banking – sorry for the confusion.


  24. I have studied the first four modules, but can’t seem to be able to access the others that may pertain to our online business. Help would be appreciated.

    Also, we are not getting e-mails that you have referenced. I have checked our spam folder. Help again, please.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Newman
    BNN Marketing

  25. Hi Joe,

    Some of the common documents are found in the “Attachments” section on the Completing Your Minute Book page. To purchase the workbook and templates, use the discount code and link found at the bottom of the home page.

    Best Regards,

  26. i don’t know what to ask because i really don’t know what i am doing, my head is spining and i feel like i am lost in the fog.

  27. We provide the videos and our Monday night calls to help de-mystify the LLC and how to use it effectively.

  28. I am looking at the list of “current training modules” and I do not have access to all of them. Why? and How do I gain access ?

  29. They are designed to appear over time in conjunction with the email series being sent to you every week or so.

    Regards, Gary

  30. do you have a webinar for starting banking and how to choose the right bank?????agnes amato

  31. Hello Agnes,

    You should be able to see the “Start your company banking” in the “My MODULES” dropdown list. Let me know if it does not show up.



  33. I’ve never written an annual report before is there examples on this site so I can see the general layout of what an annual report should contain and look like? My LLC really has no income at this point we just bought our first house that we are flipping. it’s members have no earnings to date.

  34. The annual report required by the state of Illinois is NOT a formal report of the proceedings of the company. The state form (usually on-line) will ask you to confirm names and addresses and provide a credit card to pay the annual renewal fees.

  35. There are only 13 of these listed in my drop down Module menu. How do I access all that are on the list? I need to view Start your company compliance and it is one of the ones not in my drop down.

  36. Normally additional drop-down items appear every month or so. I’ve added the access to this module for you now. Be aware that some of the regular emails may now appear out of order.

    Regards, Gary

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