Completing Your LLC Minute Book

If you have an LLC, regardless of whether it is taxed as a single member; partnership; sub-Chapter S or Chapter C entity, the “Completing your LLC Minute Book” video will walk you through the important initial meeting as well as lay the groundwork for on-going compliance. Please review the SAMPLES for examples of some of the LLC meetings and minutes paperwork.

If you have a Corporation (either a C or an S), this is NOT the video for you. Please select the Completing your Corporation Book from your modules on your personal web page.

If you are the only person in your company and you’re not sure about having meetings with yourself or why you need all this paperwork, we’ve recorded a short video discussion for you to watch.

SingleMember from Gary Bauer on Vimeo.

If you are receiving an electronic minute book, please print the minute book and certificates, before you watch the videos.

If you wish to order a physical minute book, certificates and seal, please use this link. $199.00 (includes shipping)

If you already have an operating agreement for your company, share certificates and company seals, then you DO NOT need the minute book above. You probably only need the Minutes and Meetings Workbook with templates. Click on this link and use the code PM2009 to get a 50% discount on the prices shown.

apple logoIf you are using an Apple operating system on a MacIntosh PC or an iPad, the default browser will not display our training videos correctly. Please install and use FireFox or Chrome. Various browsers have been tested. Edge, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.6+ and Google Chrome 4.1+ function well. Apple Safari does not.


Many people ask about the information on the Data Sheet page in their minute Book. Watch this video for more details.



Please select the training appropriate for your LLC – either Standard or Series. Most LLCs are Standard.

Standard LLC

Standard LLC

Series LLC

Series LLC

Adding another Series / EIN

Foreign Registration and Certificate of Good Standing

If a company is established in one state and needs to also be registered in another state, this process is called Foreign Registration. For example, if your LLC is set up in Nevada or Delaware and you live in another state, you may find that opening a bank account in your state requires you to register the NV / DE LLC in your home state, or if your web site sales product supplier requires you to obtain a sales permit in your home state, you will have to register the NV / DE LLC there too.

You start by obtaining a short form Certificate of Good Standing in the state where your LLC is established.

The next step is to complete the application for foreign registration from your State’s department responsible for entity formation. This is typically the Secretary of State or Department of Business Services. This form will need to be printed out and sent to the address on the form along with the Certificate of Good Standing you obtained in the previous step.

Or, contact us and we can do the registration for you.

81 thoughts on “Completing Your LLC Minute Book”

  1. Completing Your LLC Minute Book 4/3/10 – Have viewed this video but have not received pkg as yet. Will need to do again at that time. One question I have is – I’m setting up this LLC at the suggestion of YourEntitySolution because I have joined Merchant Referral Solutions. They (MRS) claims I should be seeing dividend right around the corner. I’m nervous because I haven’t seen them. They sent me to USBank to issue a company credit card but this is before the LLC paperwork so it’s in my name. How do we transfer that over and they claim, I’ll be able to transfer what’s on my credit cards for the advertising campaigns. How and when do I do this?
    thank you. Becky Lockwood

  2. On this video, after several hours, I have just listened to 35 minutes out of the 1 1/2 hours. Need to leave for a few hours. I may be able to get back on tomorrow. However, that is when the call to you is scheduled.
    On the data sheet, what if I don’t have any officers or members, just myself?
    No website yet.

  3. Iam not in a position to make money yet. I do not know to use This Information.682.551.3019

  4. Hello Martin,

    Your company minute book needs to be completed so that the structure is ready when your business gets going. These educational modules will be opened up to you at the rate of about 1 every month along with weekly e-mails.

    Thanks for the heads up about the module going to “tweeter”


  5. I need help filing out this book, a lot of the pages Wendy is talking about in the video are not in my book.

    Please help me.


    Geraldine Washington

  6. Hello Geraldine,

    We have just added a presentation describing Series LLCs to the LLC module. Please revisit your web page and see if the Series LLC link provides more useful information.

    I’ll call you tomorrow – Wednesday.



  7. If I choose to use a DBA, where does that get recorded in my minute book and does that get recorded at my SOS and Nevada SOS?

  8. Question #1: We received an “Initial List of Managers and Registered Agent” Form in our Minute Book for the filing period 6/2010 to 6/2011. Is this something that we have to file every year and pay a $125 filing fee? What is the purpose of filing this annually? Who do we refile this form and pay this fee to?

  9. wendy, You mentioned the date of filling in the Minute Book and the Date of Organization. You have put in the organization date but there is no place to put the date of filling the Book. In addition the Book may take more than one day to understand and fill in.

  10. Hello Sam,

    The date is known by various phrases and used interchangeably. Date of Filing, Date of Formation, Date of Organization, Date of Incorporation (even though it is an LLC) all refer to the same thing. I am sure that the Book will take more than a day to review and understand. The date(s) of your initial meeting need only refer to one of those days.

    Best Regards,


  11. Hello:

    Quick question

    I was the sole proprietor on my Series LLC for 2010

    2011 I put my husband as a managing member, just as you stated in the videos.
    I hope I did that right.

    Does that mean we are considered a partnership LLC?

    For example: We both started a home business in 2011.
    I’m doing our taxes and wanted to stay compliant with the law.
    We did the same home business, but signed up separately.
    When doing taxes, do I add his income to the LLC?

    Thank you!

    Caity Hunt

  12. Thank you for the Minute book video. It was very informative. Since I am a Canadian citizen and place of business is located here in Mississauga Ontario do I need to have a SSN? Do I need a Foreign Registration and Certificate of Good Standing to open a Bank Account here in Canada? I was going to contact my bank TD Canada Trust. They have TD Financial Small Business US Banking services. Do you think this is the route I should take or do you have other suggestions. I would appreciate your help and guidance in this matter. Thank you.
    Kathy Korcok

  13. I have a couple questions:

    How many units should I assign? Is more better, or less?

    I’ve been using my own money to fund everything so far. I am keeping good itemized records. I will estimate how much more I will need before I start making an income. My question, is the money I am spending from my personal resources a loan to the LLC or a Capital Contribution?

    I applied to my local bank for a business checking account and credit card. All my paperwork is in order except the bank says I need a Ficticious Name. Explain what this is, and how I get one.

    That’s it for now!
    Bernard R. Eger (

  14. I’m not able to find where to download the minute book. Can you help me?
    Thank you, Corina Cavazos-Cavasier

  15. Hi.

    I have a problem. The training video for the LLC Minute Book says I should have several forms inside. However, NOTHING was in the LLC book except for the seal itself. Are you sending this paperwork in a separate shipment?

  16. Hello there!
    Was I supposed to receive a seal? If so it never came.

    Yvener Volcy

  17. Hello Yvener,

    When you discussed a physical book or a virtual book with Clark Cahoon, you selected the less expensive virtual book. This does not include a seal. If you wish a physical book, seal, certificates, you can find a link to purchase them on the “Completing Your LLC Minute Book” web page.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Bauer
    Your Entity Solution, LLC

  18. Question on Schedule A, as owner and only member of the company do I put the company name on the Member line and my name on the name of principal if emtity line and then the Fed ID# on the taxpayer number?

    Thanks for your help,
    Mary Baker

  19. If I am the member of my LLC when I am completing the Schedule A do I use my SS# or the LLC’s Fed Id#? Also what do I put on the Name of Memer and the Name of Principal if Entity lines?

    Thank you for your guidence.
    Mary Baker
    G-MA Baker LLC

  20. I am using firefox and your videos will not play properly. Does Shock wave have anything to do with it? I received a shock wave error message.

    Thank you,
    Gwen Murray

  21. I watched the complete your LLC Minute Book but not sure how many units to put for the company I am the only person involved and how much $ to put up I already have money on credit cards to get this set up. Thanks for the help. Sharon Kistler Manager

  22. Many people assign 100 units to their LLC. This can be amended later if you wish. Frequently, the capital contribution is the amount of money used to open a company bank account. Treating the funds you have spent to set up the LLC as a loan or as an expense or as a capital contribution depends upon several financial considerations and you should discuss the impact of each choice with a knowledgeable accountant.

  23. I have a question about Schedule A. I am the only member. Is my taxpayer I.D. my social security # or EIN? I am unclear about the amount I should put in capital contribution and would like to discuss.

    Thank you

  24. You use your SSN on Schedule A. Normally the initial capital contribution is the amount of money used to open a business bank account. Please feel free to join us on the Monday night Q&A call or call me directly at 702 506 0190.

  25. Has it been written someplace that we are an S tax election? There is just Don and I in this little business.

  26. We will be sending you two emails with adobe attachments nest week after the operating agreement is reviewed.

  27. There was mention of filing an annual report with the state within 90 days. Is this something we still need to do or has it been done for us. We could not find where we needed to file this online. Apparently the fee was $10.00.

    We were missing the first section of the form to complete the issuance of certificates with the name, address, date of issue, etc. Is this something you can send to us or can we find it on your website somewhere?

    Thank you very much,

    Martin J. Riggert, Operating Manager
    KMR Ventures, LLC

  28. Thank you for the Minute Book Binder. I did not receive ANY pages, only the binder. How do I obtain the pages to fulfill the legal and organizational data for my LLC?
    Margaret Wallman
    cell 805 698 3633

  29. Wendy just wanted you to know your video was very informative and I learned a lot about my new company and the dos and don’t. Thank you for making it so easy to understand.

    Bonnie Christner
    Manager BJC Distributing LLC

  30. You have a Standard LLC since South Carolina does not have a Series LLC law. This is the first company of the “unlimited” package that you purchased from Daeus Financial.

    Regards, Gary

  31. There is another person and I who can not get into the coference call….all we get is the music

  32. Tonight’s call was very short. People stopped asking questions before 5:30 pacific. The call lasts as long as people ask questions and then I close it down.


  33. I have just finished watching the video for the third time while putting the minute book together. Thanks , Barney Hensley.

  34. what is the difference between a standard and series LLC? I don’t know which I have

  35. It was relayed to me in an email that there would be a quiz at the end of each presentation to see if I needed to review the information again. I have finished 3 presentations and have yet to see any quiz.

  36. Hello. While reviewing my minute book with the video. I noticed I am missing some documents that Your Entity Solution signed. They are” Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Organizer and Minutes of First Meeting of Organizer. These indicated that YES was turning over LLC to Silver Lining Homes, LLC – Daniel and Cynthia Harvel. These were not in binder.

    On the certificates, only my wife and I are part of this company. How do we determine the number of units?

    Resident Agent – Is it a good idea to use our Lawyer, just met him last week?

    Look forward hearing from you.

  37. When a Partnership is between spouses, what is the requirements?
    Not sure how to do the owner per centage, and officers. Husband will not want to probably do the Sec/Trea. posotions so I will probably do all the positions as a soul propritor, but we are a partnership.


  38. Hello Anita,

    It may be that the internet is not as robust as normal because of the weather of some other reason. The videos appear to playing well at this time.

    Regards, Gary

  39. good morning everyone, please share w/ me where one finds the ATTACHMENTS mentioned in 2 or 3 of the modules? also, do messages coming in via this box found @ the bottom of each module tell you which module i’m writing from or does that info have to be entered each time? one reason for this question is because I’ve found as I watch and read there are spelling typos that someone might like to go in and fix, seeing you’ve done a lot of work to present this information in a most accurate way.

    currently i’m in “Completing Your LLC Minute Book” where wendy talks about “your entity solutions llc” as being the entity organizer for “hidden beauty properties llc,” how come I don’t see any paperwork to that effect in our book, any resolutions pertaining to the organizer?

    could someone please share w/ me why the slides in the presentation are not in focus, even when shown in “full screen” mode?

    in the prezo (presentation) wendy talks about putting one name per page in the ‘schedule a” section, why is this so, when on the paperwork it shows that two people can be entered per page?

  40. Hello Willis,

    The attachments link is in the upper right corner of the web page. The feedback form provides the module information as part of the details you send. We can certainly use all the feedback you are able to provide.

    The state of Oregon does not require a 3rd party organizer – so your information is shown on the state Articles of Organization and no further paperwork is required.

    Many of the records were produced many years ago and “standards” have evolved since then. As we redo sections, we update the information and images to html5 and png standards.

    You can place several people on a single page of schedule A.

    Regards, Gary

  41. Hello! I have an partnership LLC set up through you all for the State of Montana for property investing. I have a rental property in Ogden, UT that is in my name. There is a mortgage on it and it generates cash flow. I am wondering how to get that revenue into my Montana LLC bank account. Ultimately, I want to use that cash flow to fund some of my Montana LLC operations costs, as well as pay the current mortgage from the rental funds that the property generates, from that LLC bank account. Is there any way to do this? Really appreciate the videos and all the assistance!

  42. The first two links to Attachments on this page don’t work. I am using Chrome on a Mac. The link to the Membership Ledger does work. Please let me know when these are functional again. Thanks!

  43. Hello, now that I have my minute book filled out, what do I have to do next? We have to register a DBA if my LLC work with Real Estate Rental Properties?

  44. Good Evening eBiz Learning,

    I finished the video on “Completing Your LLC Minute Book” and I noticed that I do not contain any of the documents for the meeting of organizers in my minute book. These include “Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Organizers,” “Minutes of the First Meeting of Organizers,” and “Written Consent of Action Without Meeting of the Original Organizer.”

    Is there a reason that these were not included in my documentation? Am I able to get a copy of them sent to me?

    Additionally, I had a question regarding the “Minutes of the First Meeting of Members.” I am a single-member LLC, which means that I am the secretary and every other position. Therefore, I wanted to verify that I can leave the “Attest” (to minutes) section blank, since I am the one signing as the secretary as well.

    Kind Regards,

  45. Hi Wendy i was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to assign the secretary and treasurer positions to people?

  46. Not sure wicht training to view please let me know since my corporation is a L&O LLC Limited Liability Company but it does not specify whether it is a S or C. Please let me know Thanks

  47. I just finished my paperwork. I was wondering about the paperwork of my C Company that manages my S Company. In my S Company paperwork, I would sign for myself and my C Company that manages it. Do I only sign for myself in my C Company paperwork and not as my S Company? And when I open a bank account for my S Company, do I need to open a bank account for my C Company too?

  48. Hello Michael,
    Both companies need separate bank accounts (tax returns, paperwork, etc.) and you should be aware that the “ASSETS, LLC” is not an S Corp. Rather it is the company that has a brokerage account and 2 members. It is a flow through entity and taxes are paid by the members. You are one member and the “RESOURCES, LLC” is the other member. “RESOURCES, LLC” had been formed with the IRS documents (8832 to select C tax treatment) that you should submit to the IRS. Please review the information and videos on this page and speak to your accountant to learn how the two companies interact with each other (and you).

    For the C LLC (RESOURCES, LLC), you represent yourself as a manager when opening a bank account. For the trading LLC (ASSETS, LLC) you represent yourself as a manager and again as the manager of the C LLC (as though you are 2 people).

    Regards, Gary

  49. I’m not seeing anything about using the Company Seals. What am I not doing that’s keeping me from viewing that?
    Thank you,
    Jimmy A. Ehler

  50. Hello Jimmy,

    The seals are mentioned in two places in the “Completing your LLC minute book” video. Once when asked to affix a seal during the initial meeting of members and then again to place a seal on the certificates being issued to the members.

    Sincerely, Gary

  51. Hello,
    I have two questions.

    First is, my husband David Palm is the sole owner of Living Tree Property Solutions, LLC. He wants me to be the secretary and treasurer. Is that an issue where he would do a vote in under schedule B to vote me as a secretary and treasurer in the first meeting?

    Second, the legal document, Certificate of Organization has the town of the address the LLC is located typed wrong. How do I get that corrected?

    Thank You,
    Paula R. Palm

  52. Hello,

    A couple of quick questions if I may?

    Do I need a Certificate of Existence?

    Should I change myself to the registered agent since I’m going to be doing the majority of the business?

    Lastly, on the signature Agreement page I assume my name fields can printed instead of typed?



  53. Hi Brian,

    Normally a Certificate is not required however some Realtors / lenders / title people may ask for it. The Registered Agent is not involved in the business – only receives state documents occasionally. And yes, Printing is just fine.

    Sincerely, Gary

  54. Do I have to open a bank account if Florida is where my LLC is – remember I’m from Canada -or can I just have one bank account in North Carolina where I have my Partnership, I only want one bank account.

  55. I have a standard LLC and there is differences between what is in the minute book I was sent and what is explained in the module. I’m confused about some some things and need some help.

    Thank you,
    Don Joslyn

  56. Sorry about the previous message I wrote after completing the corporation minute book; however, I do not have any form 8832 or 2553 as I previously said I only have the document containing the EIN #. When do I need to decide between a C or an S?

    Best Regards

    Jean Robert Durand

  57. Hello,

    The selection of “S” or “C” would be made at the request of your accountant. Normally you do not want to add the additional costs of this tax treatment until you are sure that the savings are real.

    Regards, Gary

  58. Hello Susan,

    The videos are found in the boxes on the page – [ Single Member?] or [Standard LLC]

    Regards, Gary

  59. After watching the module entitled: Completing your LLC Minute Book, I am a little confused. My LLC is in the form of a Limited Partnership and a lot of the forms shown in the LLC video are not in the L.P. minute book that I received. The video also failed to talk about tax forms that needed to be filed for L.P.’s (if any), as it did for other types of LLC. I do not see a video for completing your Limited Partnership Minute book. Is there such a video? Also, I should mention that the limited partners in my company are Canadian residents, a General Partner (C corp).
    Please advise. Thank you.
    Bonnie Tutka

  60. Hello Bonnie,

    We do not have a module for LPs at this time. If you want to call us during the day or join us for the Monday night Q&A call, I can go over some the of differences between LLC paperwork and LP paperwork.

    Regards, Gary

  61. I have a ROBS and would to prefer to have your system in place for corporation than the current custodians plan. I am more comfortable with how my LLC that your company helped me setup than for my ROBS corporation.( I was hole punching, confused on order, etc.) I prefer certificate\shares and other amenities that your system offers. Is it possible for you to send me the binder,etc for “Twin Peak Outlook” my corporation setup for my ROBS?

  62. Our attorney feels that ROBS (or any other structure) should be papered up by the company that set up the structure. The by-laws / operating agreement need to be specific for the purpose of the business and we do not have any expertise with ROBS and have been advised to stay away from them. See for details. You could contact an attorney to have them review your documents and complete the documentation.

    Gary Bauer

  63. I have been through the LLC Standard- Completing your Minute Book, 3 Times. First, our pages for the “Minutes Section” were not in order of the Video, which was initially confusing. However, I have now discovered what has caused me the most confusion: There are 3 documents missing that are discussed in the Video:
    1. Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Organizers
    2. Minutes of the First Meeting of Organizers of Neverland Real Estate Investors, LLC
    3. Written Consent of Action without Meeting of the Original Organizer of Neverland Real Estate Investors, LLC

    Do I need these 3 documents from Your Entity Solutions, signed by Wendy Byford? I am assuming that I do. And can you email those to me ASAP or explain why I do not need them legally. Our Bank is ready for a copy of our Legal Documents-Minutes Book.
    Thank you, Teresa Blakley or 512/658-6808

  64. Hello,

    I am on the “Completing your LLC minute book” module and it says there is a video for single member LLC’s, but I don’t see one there. Where can I find this video? Also with filling out the Schedule A as a single member, would I put my SSN or my EIN? Thanks for your help!

  65. There was something I read which covered the importance of completing the paper work for a LLC. It talked about the considerations regarding ownership, units, etc. I am unsure where I read that information. Where can I find that information?

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