Completing Your Company Minute Book

Although they are similar in many respects, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations do have different paperwork in their company minute books.  Please select the appropriate link for your entity. Please be aware that these are large files. Even with high speed cable or DSL it may take several minutes to start the playback. If you have slower connections, it will take much longer.

If you have an LLC, regardless of whether it is taxed as a single member; partnership; sub-Chapter S or Chapter C entity, the Completing your LLC Minute Book video will walk you through the important initial meeting as well as lay the groundwork for on-going compliance.

If you have a Corporation taxed as a sub-Chapter S or as a Chapter C, the Completing your Corporate Minute Book video will provide the guidance to complete your initial meeting paperwork as well as showing you how to stay in compliance.

Please select the appropriate video from the page that this link takes you to.

Please click here to get started with your LLC minute book training.

Please click here to get started with your Corporate minute book training.

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